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FAQs for Swamp in the City, May 16-19, 2024 

Where is this year's Swamp in the City festival taking place?

- The festival will be held at various venues in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY. It kicks off on Thursday, May 16th, at The Jalopy Theatre & School of Music, with the rest of the festival occurring Fri-Sun, May 17-19th, at different venues on the other side of Red Hook by the water. A complete schedule will be announced soon!

How do I get to Red Hook?

 - Take the B61 or B57 bus lines or use the NYC Ferry via the South Brooklyn route. Check public transportation options from your location here. If driving, parking in Red Hook is usually easy to find.

Do I need to purchase tickets?

- Yes! Thursday-Saturday's shows are ticketed events. Sunday's festival is open to the public and pay-what-you-wish.

Is there food & drink available for purchase at the festival?

- Yes! Food and drinks will be available for purchase throughout the festival. A list of vendors will be posted soon.


Will there be dancing?

 - Absolutely! Most venues have dance floors. Dance lessons will be offered daily during the festival.

What about kids?

Swamp in the City is a family-friendly event, particularly during the daytime and especially during the Sunday Family Dance at Strong Rope Brewery (Sunday, May 19 at 11am). Excluding the Family Dance, we ask that all parents and guardians refrain from letting your little ones run around on the dance floor unsupervised for everyone's safety and enjoyment.

I'm coming from out of town. Where should I stay? 

- There is one hotel in Red Hook that's within walking distance to the festival (The Lodge Red Hook), and several other hotels a short distance away by car or public transportation. Other nearby hotels we recommend for price/proximity are all in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Check Expedia for vacancy (prices change often).

Is there any parking near the festival?

- Street parking in Red Hook is usually available, but we encourage ride-sharing and public transportation.

What is the rain plan?

- If it rains on Saturday, we will shrink the pub crawl footprint to just Strong Rope Brewery and maybe one other venue close by. Rain or shine, we'll have a good time!

How can I get involved?

- There are three ways to contribute:
     - Volunteer: Help ensure smooth operations in exchange for complimentary admission. Email us if you'd like to pitch in!
     - House an Artist: Do you live in Red Hook or close by and have the ability to house one or more of our artists during the festival weekend? Get in touch with us here.

     - Become a Sponsor: Do you own a business or work with a company that wants to support a nonproft that passionately brings the Louisiana's vibrant culture to NYC (and get your logo featured in our marketing)? Email us!

For additional questions, email us at


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